Re: 1st time glassing

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jul 28, 2004

I second what Steve and Dennis say. Also, try to smooth out all wrinkles in the fabric after you wet it out. These can sometimes be easy to miss, so set up a good light. Same goes for bubbles under the glass.

Problems at the stern are common, and you may have to cut some cloth to get it to lie flat. If you still have some rough edges there, use a carbide scraper (sold at home centers) to smooth them out the next day before the epoxy gets rock-hard. While you're at it, go over the entire boat then to remove any runs, sags or rough spots before the next coat of epoxy. This will save much sanding and cursing later on.

Lastly, marvel at your handiwork, for once the glass is on, it's now offically a floatable boat.


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