Re: 1st time glassing

Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 28, 2004

Don't get too caught up in the frenzy. Epoxy cooks off fast in the cup but takes a long time to cure in a thin coating like you will be doing. Like Dennis said - take a breath now and then. Pour the first batch out 1/3 at a time. I would start back from one end about 2 feet and get it glassed then do the end. The experience will help doing the end. You can then safely work down toward the other end. West System has a really good write up on the whole process at the website. Read it before you start.

Its important to fully wet the glass and wood beneath it so don't spread too thin. Let it soak in a bit then use your spreader to move excess goo towards the unwet glass. Remember too that a wet edge is relative since the stuff will stick to itself for at least 24 hours which is far longer than it will take you to do the job.

Dennis is right about size of batch. Start small and work up as you gain skill. I never mix more than 6 ounces but that will go a long way. Put paper or a tarp you do not care about under it all since you will get drips.

Have fun.

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