Re: 1st time glassing

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jul 28, 2004


Most people suggest starting at one end or the other -- that way you have only one wet edge to deal with. Once you get that first spot "tacked down" you don't have to worry about the glass moving on you.

I seem to recall using fairly substantial batches of epoxy, something in the 6-8 oz range. If you have a helper mixing the next batch while you are working with the current one, that helps too. I didn't, so I had two extra cups with the resin already dispensed -- when I needed the next one it was just a matter of adding hardener and mixing it up.

Make sure you do the glassing when the temp is at its peak or falling so you don't get bubbles. And the best advice somebody on the forum ever gave was "remember to breathe." This is the most hair-raising epoxy application if you have never done one before. But after working with the stuff for a while you will look back on it and think it really wasn't so bad after all (doing glass inside a hull is much more persnickety). Good luck.


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