Re: how to sell and ship?

Posted by FrankP on Jul 28, 2004

Steve, I totally agree that the type of boats we build are worth far more than $1500. That wasn't my point. Personally, if I could afford it, I probably would have paid closer to $2500 for a boat like the one I'm building, but then I wouldn't have had the joy of truly making it my own, with all the customizations I wanted etc.

Comparing these beautiful wooden boats to fiberglass or kevlar is certainly apples to oranges, but most people who are looking for used kayaks are doing so because they want a cheap boat. Sure if you have the opportunity to sell at a show or something, it's a lot easier to get your higher asking price, but once again, you've limited your market. Is that bad? Not really, it just doesn't allow for the greatest range of potential buyers, that's all.


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