Re: how to sell and ship?

Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 27, 2004

I have shown my wood boats at shows. Sailboat and kayak. Have had many offers from guys who would like a wood boat but can not or don't want to build themselves. Even guys willing to order the boat and wait 6 months for me to build it. I work for a living and build boats for fun so no boat sales.

So I say price your boats at $1500 and make no apologies about the price. If someone wants a pre-built boat then the kit is $700 and labor of about 100 hours is $2000 at $20 per hour. Makes $1500 seem like a deal. A well built, nicely finished wood boat is worth a lot more than $100 over the kit price in my opinion. To compare one to a glass or kevlar boat is apples and oranges.

Be a good idea to give the boats a fresh coat of varnish or paint however to make them shine.

I have seen wood kayaks for sale at shows for much more than $1500, much more. They were strip built or ply hull with strip decks and beautiful. Not pro builders since they just do it out of love and maybe sell a boat or two a year.

Good luck.

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