Re: how to sell and ship?

Posted by FrankP on Jul 27, 2004

Well Nate, good luck with it. I'd recommend posting your location, on here as well as on the kayak newsgroups. There are also a couple of other kayak pages that might cater to that type of transaction though I don't know any of the URLs off hand. I think I might drop the starting price to $1100 and settle for $800 as I believe you'll find more takers. Most people will go for a new boat before shelling $1500 on used ones unless they are kevlar or fiberglass. Even then, you've limited the number of people who will even consider it drastically, as that slims the field down to serious paddlers only. If you really want to sell the boats, price them to move. If you're just using this as an excuse to tell the wife "well I tried" or whatever, then leave the price as is.


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