Re: jimmy skiff skeg

Posted by Stephen P on Jul 26, 2004


I hope CLC already picked your inquiry up offline. It's been a week without any takers and I just saw your post-been busy watching the TDF!

The skeg on my JS is the standard one described in the plan set and seems to be about right for tracking vs turning. Being a row boat, pulling on one or the other oars is the main steering means, but similar to a hard chine yak you will notice the leaned/carved turns when the JS isn't sitting level.

It is dark out and the JS is down by the lake, however, from memory the skeg is a triangle about 1/2 inch deep aft tapering to 3" deep flush at the stern. It is about 3 foot long and a double thickness of 9mm with some heavy duty tape and fillets. Rock solid construction!

email me off line if you want me to go out with the tape measure for exact measurement. Couldn't find my old JS plan set.


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