My Travel report

Posted by Kyle T on Jul 26, 2004

Saturday I was at the Croom wildlife area in west central Florida for a little run, bike and kayak training. 9 hours straight.

Now for the trip report.

On the way home I got caught in a storm and a big gust of wind hit my kayak and blew it over on the top of my pickup. I stopped to fix it. I got out of my truck wearing flip-flops and went to the back of the truck to climb up and retie the boat. As I reached to grab the tailgate three-inch electric arcs jumped to both hands and shocked the hell out of me. I jumped back and ducked as a lightning bolt struck the telephone pole twenty feet from where I was. Iím surprised that it didnít burn my hands. I realigned the boat and finished the drive home with no problems other than a ringing in my ears. That went away in a couple of hours.

Made me stop and think... about what I don't know.


In Response to: Travel report by George on Jul 24, 2004