Amine Blush- down about

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jul 24, 2004

a dozen posts or so is basically the same question - Titled "resin wax removal". That's what the Amine Blush is- a wax like substance that forms out of the epoxy as it cures.

It is totally water soluble- just wash it off with plain water and a scrubbie pad. Wipe it dry and you are good to go.

I do agree you need to sand a tad first before you put on that last layer of resin since it has cured to the point of forming the blush. I feel that 220 is too fine for that though. I usually use 150 or even 100, depending on the surface and application. The coat of epoxy will level 150 scratches just fine. Once that has cured, THEN is the time for the 220 if you feel like going that fine. If I'm going to paint I feel it's pointless to go over 150 pre-prime and I seldom even go past 100 grit.

Of course, if you are finishing bright, then the finer grits are appropriate, even to the point of wet-sanding.

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