mill creek deck problem

Posted by Jeff leonard on Jul 24, 2004

I built a Mill Creek 13 hull about 2 years ago from the drawings in Wooden Boat. Got distracted before I finished it but am ready to put on decks and finish it now. The deck pieces don't seem to want to fit well however. When I start strapping them down from the bulkhead working towards the ends of the boat they reach a point where they flatten out and a reverse curve develops for the last foot. This also causes a large gap between the deck and the most forward portion of the deck carlins. I remember there were a few measurements missing from the Wooden boat article and it is possible the hull shape is not perfect (although it is fair) I considered adding a longitudinal deck beam from the middle of each bulkhead running fore and aft to the bow and stern respectively. My question is whether the the deck is flat, or otherwise when a string is run from the highest point of each bulkhead to the top of the bow and stern? Any observations about cross-sectional radius change over the length of the boat appreciated. Next time buy the plans! Thanks, Jeff