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Posted by Rick on Jul 24, 2004

Sorry but somehow the server uploaded the photos out of order but I just posted major milestones which are pretty obvious. The very first build pic is with the garage open on a gorgeous day in January in Austin TX. SOrry, but have to rub it in since its boiling out there now.

The christening was on Town Lake last Saturday, and those are also pics of my wife's WR 162.

And that was three medium heavy coats of Brightsides yellow over Interlux primer, w/o wetsanding between the top coats. If you get real close and look real hard you can see a couple of lighter spots but I wanted to keep the paint for touchups rather than bothering with a fourth coat.

Overall I'm really pleased, had it out last nite also for almost 2 hrs and its just so effortless (especially compared to my sit on top).

Take care and be careful! Rick.


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