Finished my C18!

Posted by Rick on Jul 23, 2004

All done! Except for a couple minor details, had it out for a little bit last Sat but today were going for a longer paddle. The Brightsides yellow came out great and since I had it sanded so smooth, I got great coverage with only THREE coats (didn't wetsand between 2 and 3). So I still have half a can of paint left! One thing that great about TX summers, paint and varnish tack up real quick, which prevents runs and sags. I'm really happy with the finish overall.

Had some friends over Sunday for a going away party for some students in my lab and everyone was really impressed with it. Had it out in the backyard on stands next to my wife's WR164 we finished a couple of years ago and they make quite the pair!

I'll post some pictures this weekend, happy paddling all! And thanks alot for the great help, this is the greatest hobby ever. I also windsurf and that's a blast, 35 mph on the flat sounds of Laguna Madre for hours at a time, but this one is so peaceful.