Re: rub rails

Posted by Homer on Jul 23, 2004

I installed the rub rails successfully without a hitch. I didn't do anything special except no worry about tape.

1. I started with rails longer than the boat. 2. Using the 6ft stick marked every 4" as a rule, I drilled 1/16" holes every 4" in the rail. 3. I did not tape the rail to the boat 4. I laid the rail on the same sawhorse as the boat resided on 5. I painted the inside of the rail with the epoxy mixture 6. I started a few inches in and just started nailing it on. 7. The floppy end of the rail was supported mostly on the sawhorse as I worked my way down the boat nailing it in.

I did this and had no difficulties or problems come up, except the un-nailed end seem to flop around a bit, but it didn't spill glue or mess anthing up.

In Response to: rub rails by bob on Jul 23, 2004