Re: Requests for build?

Posted by George on Jul 23, 2004

I've had no requests for me to build others a boat, though one young lady (11 yo) did drop her bike, and run over to see my Chessie, which was 'resting' on the lawn after unloading from the luggage rack. (It gets tired, ya know). Lots of questions; wanted to know how heavy it was (picked up one end). Does it tip over easy? No direct question on me building her one, but did note 1) her dad won't build one and 2) my girls are sure lucky!

I get comments on the boat by passerbys, at the lake etc., but I'm amazed at how few people are actually interested in doing their own build. Guess they haven't got 'the bug'. Nasty bugger, that... hehe

In Response to: Requests for build? by FrankP on Jul 23, 2004