Re: Surf Advice Wanted

Posted by Don on Jul 22, 2004

If you get started down the wave face straight you can ride the wave straight in. This is easier said than done. Some waves will be easier to do this on than others. To keep the kayak going straight use a hard stern rudder on the side you want the kayak to turn to. Usually once the kayak starts to broach it just keeps broaching until you are parallel to the wave and at this point all you can do is lean the kayak into the wave and use a low brace on the wave side of the kayak to ride it out. When the wave starts to break, go into a high brace into the wave. The bigger the wave, the more you need to lean. Your better of leaning to far than not far enough. If your not leaning far enough into a braking wave you will get window shaded. If you hold your rear stern rudder to long after you start to broach you get window shaded. I find a good place to practice braceing and develope skills for brakeing waves is along a sandy shore with with 1'-2' waves. Just paddle along the shore were the waves are breaking and when one starts to break on you lean into it and high brace. As the wave starts to disapate use a hip flick and brace up. The worst dumps I've taken were from holding onto my stern rudder to long while broaching. When you catch a good wave going straight in lean back so that the bow doesn't start to submerine. When you do get flipped by a wave don't try to rush into your setup for the roll until the wave passes. While the wave is still draging you along there can be a lot of resistance to moveing your paddle into the setup position. Just relax and give it a couple seconds. Wearing a helmet is a good idea for rocks, paddles or your kayak from hitting you unexpectedly. Have fun.

In Response to: Surf Advice Wanted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 21, 2004