Surf Advice Wanted

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 21, 2004

Seems I'm having a little trouble learning to handle a yak in the surf -- had my second and third (in my life) accidental capsizes today while playing off the Galveston beachfront. The first accidental capsize, by the way, came from horsing around asking for it. Oh boy, am I ever having fun with my Cormorant!

I suppose my problem, in a nutshell, is the "insta-broach" feature that's built into my boat.

I have logged a dozen or more surf landings, so it isn't like I'm dumping left and right. But I'm sure as heck broaching left and right... And half of 'em just cannot be recovered from no matter what I do! So what's the deal? Is it even possible to drive straight in? What happens when I get into some REAL surf???

Any and all surf advice will be appreciated!

Cheers, Kurt