Re: wires & tabs

Posted by BobE on Jul 20, 2004

18-gauge steel is much stiffer than the copper and you won’t want to use it. You can obtain the copper from kit suppliers like CLC or go to a good hardware store, HD, Lowes. The latter will have a picture hanging hardware section that has loops of 18-gauge copper. Another alternative is .020” safety wire from an aircraft supply or racing supply store. You can drill much smaller holes with mini bits and a Dremel tool.

I don’t have a picture of tabbing but you can find one in “The New Kayak Shop” or some of the customer build sites. You add your preference of thickened epoxy to the seam without letting the goo touch or wick up to the wires. Once cured, the wires are pulled and rest of the goo is forced into the seams.

In Response to: Tabbing between wires by Jay E. Morris on Jul 20, 2004