Re: protruding wires

Posted by Mark Camp on Jul 20, 2004

I did what some others said and used diagonal cutters. It didn't really cut them off flush if I tried that, so most of them I cut again below the surface. I would put the cutters at a 45 degree angle to the surface, close them as much as possible while still being able to grab the wire (sort of digging them into the hole), then snipped the end of the wire off. It works fine for me, who am painting, but if you are finishing bright you may want to test the appearance on a couple of inconspicuous holes. The hole is slightly enlarged this way, and it may not be to your taste. I also used the sanding technique, but the little SOB's are hard to sand off because they bend over. I have also planed some off, but it always seems sort of unethical, like Kurt may be watching or something. While I do have to sharpen often, copper does not damage the blade, and what really dulls a blade faster than copper is that darned thickened epoxy. I am a great respecter of sharp tools, and in fact my wife's lifelong tendency to look at a wood chisel and see a paint can opener has been a great test of our love.

In Response to: protruding wires by Peter on Jul 20, 2004