Another MC16.5 question

Posted by David Wallace on Jul 20, 2004

Since I last posted on this forum work on the MC16.5 has gone slowly due in part to weather and also other projects and on the odd occasion paying work but now I'm at the stage I've been Planing the Sheer Clamps but some thing just doesn't look right , in the instructions it says that I use the 24" radius guide from the forward bulkhead to the stem and that looks fine but the one that doesn't look right where it tells me to use the 30" guide from the forward hanging knee to the stern , I've done that and while it gives the right angle from the rear hanging knee to the stern the angle from the angle from the rear hanging knee to the forward hanging knee just doesn't look right , there is no way that my ply will bend in such a angle , is the instruction book right or do I have to change the angle between the hanging knees ?

Hope this makes sense