Tabbing between wires

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Jul 20, 2004

What a coincidence. I just got the C17 all wired up and came in here to look for an old post on this same subject. Someone had mentioned putting tabs between the wires, then after it sets snipping the wires and pulling them out, then finishing the fillets.

You see, I'm interested in this because I just happened to have a roll of 18 gauge *steel* wire sitting around from a project from long, long ago. (I hate having to buy 200' to get 10' of wire.) Since it's steel I didn't want to leave it in the boat, but it's just a wee bit stiffer than copper and I might have touble pulling it. So this would work great.

But the big question is, how long to leave the tabs before I pull the wire and start filleting. Don't want to have to sand the tabs to get a good bond but don't want the panels to suddenly spring loose and go flying about the garage. One major injury per project is enough thank you.

So, if who ever wrote about that is listening, could you enlightem me? Or anyone else who wants to chime in. (Like I had to say THAT.)

In Response to: Re: I snip one side, heat by LeeL on Jul 20, 2004