Re: diva sea kayaks?

Posted by C. fronzek on Jul 20, 2004

Some call this type of construction "butterfly". The canoe called "Sweet Dream" is probably the best known example. The method is very similar to S&G with one exception. The side plank and the bottom plank are on a common piece of plywood. This point of attachment has to be bent at a fairly sharp angle. Trying to do this with substandard or overly thick plywood is almost immpossible. Some say it doesn't work well even with top quality plywood. Since the boat is layed out on plywood panels that are scarf jointed together a serious mistake anywhere on the panel could turn a lot of expensive plywood to junk. There will be a butt-blocked seam on both side that has to be concealed. In my estimation, doing a flat panel layout in the conventional CLC way seems a lot easier. Charlie

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