Re: How much sheer is nee

Posted by LeeG on Jul 19, 2004

my comment comes from looking at the thickness of the Arctic Hawk sheerclamp, two layers of 4mm strips I think or 8mm. The MillCreek13 is 1/2". It's hard to have ring nails go in with no problems in a higher bowed deck angle with 1/2" so it's 3/4" wide but that's to meet the needs of ringnails more than any strength issue.

I bet yours is fine as long as you covered the sheer clamps with thickened epoxy and the only worry is if the wood in the gap isn't covered with epoxy in which case dribbling unthickened epoxy along the underside of the deck would solve that.

In Response to: How much sheer is needed? by FrankP on Jul 19, 2004