Re: Two quick SKEG qustio

Posted by FrankP on Jul 19, 2004

I put my skeg box in before installing the deck. If that is still an option for you, I'd recommend considering it. That way you don't have to cut so much out of the hull (just mount it flush then cut a small slit for the skeg itself.) If not, I'd say go with a drill and a small hand saw, maybe like the bonsai saw CLC sells. make sure you mark it well before cutting though. I ended up with a slightly rough edge to my skeg box and the deck doesn't fit it perfectly. The kit comes with a nice piece to mount over the box on the deck though, to hide those types of errors.

Definitely don't use the ROS. A router might not be a bad idea, but the deck will vibrate a lot when cutting at that location. Personally I'd just use the hand saw.


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