Re: diva sea kayaks?

Posted by Laszlo on Jul 19, 2004

Conceptually it's not all that different from the way the Chessies are built. Just imagine the first step being stitching the side and bottom panels together at the bow and stern instead of scarfing them.

That style of construction requires very careful design and makes some pretty stringent assumptions about the wood's characteristics. It also requires a great deal of care in layout and cutting. Chances are that a first-time builder will not be able to achieve those tolerances building from plans and will have to do a lot of trimming and filling.

The CLC stitching method is a lot more forgiving and allows a lot of adjustment just by loosening and tightening the wires. It would probably work better for a first time builder.

Experienced builders would probably get more benefit from this type of construction. Manufacturers that could use CNC cutters, full size (no-scarfing needed) plywood and something like a basket mold would be able to turn out unfinished hulls very quickly (though not as fast as the clorox bottle jobs). Business opportunity anyone?

Cute piece of wooden origami, though.


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