Re: hatch reinforcements

Posted by LeeG on Jul 18, 2004

Sounds great. If you're considering regular use with loaded boats you might consider glassing the bottom panels in the aft compartment a couple feet aft of the bulkhead and maybe 6" forward of the front bulkhead between the 3" tape. The reason there's cockpit glass is also valid for the aft compartment. When entering/exiting the cockpit at shore where you'd normally only put weight on the aft edge of the coaming your weight is evenly distributed on the bottom of the hull,,,if your semi-floating sitting on rocks it's no big deal for the cockpit side of the aft bulkhead becuase there's cockpit glass on the inside,,,on the aft compartment side there's no glass between the 3" 9oz tape. So if there's a round rock under the compartment side there's more of a chance for the bottom panel to crack a little inward. This isn't a crucial thing but one is just as likely to have the bottom of the kayak settle 6" one direction or another over an uneven surface,,one side is glassed on boths sides,,one side isn't.

oh,,don't worry about rounding the bow over a lot,,,kayaks with sharp bows are not an asset in the water.

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