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Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 18, 2004

Yes I do filter varnish. The guy who taught me does it. So I always have too. Use the cone shaped paint filters available at any paint store. The are paper and look sort of like a coffee filter but with cheesecloth type stuff in the bottom pointy end. Filters and Penetrol are my secrets I guess. Good brushes or the rollers I mentioned depending on surface size and shape.

I watched a lady pro refinisher do a transom last summer. She worked from a small cup using a large sable artist brush. Only had enough varnish in it to wet the brush. Maybe 1/2 inch deep. She kept a wet edge on the work and it was perfect. I think she is paid by the hour. :-)

I really admire that skill but my roll and tip method works fine. By the way I don't use a second roller to tip varnish. I just use the same roller but no pressure. Not as sticky as paint I guess and the Penetrol helps too. Sometimes I tip with a nice Purdy natural bristle brush if the surface does not lend itself to the roller. Again, no pressure but the weight of the brush.

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