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Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 18, 2004

Brightsides can sit in the water for a week or so just not permanently. Interlux means that it is a topsides paint for boats that live in the water. I have it on my sailboat (up to 10 days in the water, no trouble) but not on my Mill Creek. It is beautiful paint when new but just about impossible to touch up so it looks nice. It is hard and very very durable however.

On the Mill Creek I used Glidden Floor and Porch Enamel. The oil based poly enhanced stuff available at Home Depot for less than $20 per gallon. Its not a price thing either. I think the Brightsides is worth $25 per qt for the right job.

The two part linear urethane paints are not home use paints. You need a fresh air supply respirator not just a mask or they can KILL you. Read the label carefully. System 3 has a water based one however that is getting good reports from the roll and tip guys.

A friend is spraying the finish coats on his 22' Boston Whaler today using the System 3 waterbase linear urethane. The primer and first coats went on fine. He is using a pro HVLP rig however.

Not as glossy as Brightsides but glossy enough. They have a clear coat too if you just gotta have it new car glossy.

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