Re: Smooth paint?

Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 16, 2004

I think after 5 coats you should have wet sanded once before at least. I like to wet sand every other coat or maybe every 3rd coat. Use the 3M fake steel wool pads in between the other coats. I also use nothing finer than 400 to wet sand.

Yes, the paint looks "not smooth" now unlike the epoxy surface but that is because how the paint goes on, the fact that you have not sanded for 5 coats building texture not unlike you see on the glass filled epoxy, and the way paint reflects the light.....lots of things to fool your eye. Try closing your eyes and feeling the paint with dry fingertips. Sometimes the visual makes you think texture you can not feel.

If the hull is uniformly wet sanded with 320 then the next coat of paint is likely to just amaze you. It should look awsome. If you need more "smooth" then lightly wet sand with 400 or even 600 and shoot it again. Bet you are done then.

Brightsides can be brilliant glossy when done with enough coats and wet sanding. Hard to touch up though.

Now go use the boat.

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