Re: Coaming Advice needed

Posted by Dave Houser on Jul 16, 2004

There have been discussions on this BB of how structurally necessary the deck beam is after the coaming has been installed. I would have no hesitation to cut 1/2 of beam away under the coaming. The coaming adds a lot of stiffness to the deck and will hold the radius of the deck.

I like to put a well-rounded radius on the back of the coaming to make it more comfortable when doing a roll. I would just round it over. If you round it too much the overlap of the top lamination on the spacers will get narrow and its middle lamination will split parallel to the surface when you sit on the combing while getting in the kayak. If it does split just let it dry squirt it full of epoxy and clamp it. The epoxy will then make the lamination stronger than before.

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