Re: Coaming Advice needed

Posted by Howard on Jul 15, 2004

for the rear...simply sand it at an remove the rick that you continue to have your wood grain showing nicely. based on your appear to have enough material to not need to build it up. make sure the underside of the deck and the top of the rear-bulkhead have an appropriate fillet (in front of and behind the rear bulkhead/deck) so that there is support underneath or close to underneath that coaming/deck. this area needs the support for when you lift the boat by the coaming. becuase the rear is deck is relatively flat...and there is only a thin need the fillet to ensure that the rear deck does not pull away from the top of the bulkead.

on the front, my view is that you can cut into the deck beam. remember that you will have the structure of coaming tied into highly curved (read strong/stiff) deck, and overlapped with the full thickness of the deckbeams as you move down and aft. this should be plenty strong. without, in my view the need to over fillet it.

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