Coaming Advice needed

Posted by Tim M. on Jul 15, 2004

I'm nearly finished with my CH 16LT, but I ran in to 2 small problems when installing the coaming and spacers. First, the coaming didn't exactly fit on the spacers. I started at the front and clamped in pairs to the back. Everything lined up until I got to the rear where about a half-inch of spacer is visible inside the coaming. I'm not overly concerned about this and figured I'd build it up with some thickened epoxy and sand it into a smooth transition with the rest of the coaming sanding. Anyone have this problem?

Second, because of the oversized deck I didn't get the spacers centered over the deckbeam. Once the extra deck was cut out of the cockpit opening, I was left with a bit of deck and beam inside the cockpit. It's only 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Should I leave it, try the same approach as above, or cut out a bit of the deckbeam?

Thanks, Tim