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Posted by David Hopkinson on Jul 15, 2004

I just did this on my Wherry. The Plans show the Aft end of the Row Wing bar to be 3 1/4 inch from the front edge (Bow edge) of the seat. I positioned the hole at this end about 1/2 inch from the end of the Row Wing (between the end and the angle iron that holds the bracing bars). Make sure it is centered port starbord. I used a drill press on the Row wing and then drilled through this hole through the seat and backing plate under the seat. At the other end of the Row wing I drilled the hole about 9" from the end, which was centered in my backing plate. I drilled the holes through the seats and backing plates slightly larger than needed for the bolt so that I could seal the hole with epoxy. CLC gave good advice on this whole procedure.

I put mine in the water last week and it rowed great! No laquer or paint on the boat then, but working on finishing now.

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