Posted by Mac on Jul 14, 2004

Roger, I too have a canoe, but I seldom sit right in the center, at the widest beam. When I do, in very windy conditions, solo, I kneel to the leeward side and paddle with a canoe stroke. Otherwise, I'm seated either 1/3 or 1/4 from the stern, depending if solo or tandem, and only have to deal with the beam at those points. The beam in front of me is wider for sure, than a kayak's. Only the front paddler gets to have a narrower boat in front of him (usually her).

I'll try a combination paddling technique when we get a chance. Front paddler with a 240cm kayak paddle - rear with a standard canoe guide paddle. I find the canoe gets really wet if the rear paddler uses a kayak paddle. Even with drip rings at the ends, it all comes in the boat.

How's the 50/50 coming along?


In Response to: Re: WIDE by RogerJ on Jul 14, 2004