Re: mustard consistency m

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Jul 14, 2004

Is the epoxy actually still sludge or has it set up at all? If it's still a sludge then it sounds like your proportions were way off. Too much of either is a bad thing. I'm using the Raka and it's the same as the MAS, two resin to one hardener. Make sure you didn't get it backwards. I have marked my pumps and bottles prominently to avoid such a thing.

If it's sludge, just scrape off all you can. If it's hard, use a scraper or sander to remove it. I screwed up my shear clamps and used my belt sander to take it down to wood again.

I probably added about a tablespoon cab-o-sil to start with on two resin/one hardener pumps. Then added a teaspoon at a time to get the mustard consistency.

My big problem was what kind of mustard? French's? Squeeze vs. jar? Grey Poupon, German brown mustard? Decisions, decisions. Perhaps CLC should provide mustard packets of the correct consistency!

In Response to: mustard consistency mess by Felix A on Jul 14, 2004