Re: PAX 18 & PAX20 Ques.

Posted by Mac on Jul 14, 2004

Will I EVER stop doin' that?

LeeG etal - I've been looking at PAX kayaks the way a middle aged crisis looks at Ferrari's, ever since I got interested in building. The thing I don't get is how different their hull shapes are. What seems to make the 18 so fast is the low wetted surface created by the Yare type flair above the water line. The 20 seems to be much more of a conventional hard chined design. Is this higher volume so the 20 can support big fat guys like me without having to be 25 feet long or 2" wider?

The 20 is rated for 170 to 220 lb paddlers, with a max total weight of 240. Can that all be paddler weight? I only want to carry bug spray, sun block and a prayer.

Oh, Lee, I've tried all the good stuff in the Brent Reitz video with amazing results - more speed with less effort and I use my paddle feathered all the time now - with no wrist fatigue. I even use his style when on my Dimension Cricket sit-upon and the white water comming off the bow is awesome!

Best to all...

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