Re: Rudder Components

Posted by Alex Ferguson on Jul 13, 2004


: Spectra will definitely fatigue over time, but probably heavily not under the load you're discussing. Another consideration is UV protection if using spectra. Not required if you're using cable.

I and others have had wire fatigue and break but not Spectra. Spectra (we use) has a woven coating to give UV protection and if you want UV then New Zealand is the place. From what I've experienced in the Northern hemisphere, you don't know what UV is compared with here. Anyway, most of the line is in a tube and I usually leave enough spare in the cockpit to replace the exposed length a few times if ever needed. My partner's present kayak has had the original Spectra for 6 years and probably 10 times the use of the wire I had that broke. My old boat is over 15 years old with its original Spectra.

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