Re: Riggin' fer Fishin'

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 13, 2004

The Mill Creek is NOT for sale. Bite your tongue! LOL

The fish do indeed pull you around, and we call it the redfish sleighride in honor of our Nantucket forebears (or is it 'forebearers'...? crud, neither looks right). But no, Doug ol' buddy... you ain't gonna get pulled over by no fish!! LOL!!! That's what drags are for. Hey, lemme know how the TWS goes for you (and Gerald too)! Write me an email and spill it!!

Depth finder hidden? Hey, there's *two* of 'em right there in plain sight! Sometimes we call 'em 'paddles'. An electronic depth finder would be super-duper, but there are two problems with the idea: first, they require power, and I ain't havin' no truck with deer-feeder batteries... or a ten mile long extension cord. Secondly, even if you had a magical power supply, the "view" the best transducer could give you in 12" of water would be kinda limited...

Where I fish, it's really easy to keep yerself informed on what the bottom's doin'... You just paddle with near-vertical strokes and feel what's going on with each swoop! Any little gut or hole you come across is very likely to yield a flounder, if you're hip to their feeding habits. And it is superbly easy to catch and release 'em none the worse for wear using soft plastics. Just shiver it a couple times boatside and they fall off all by themselves without you ever touching 'em. I NEVER keep more than three fish.

Wanna know what's really cool? That stupid boat was so tippy at first launch that it took me a *while* to let go of the dock -- but today I happily ride at anchor broadside to 24" chop without the least concern in the world. Amazing!

Oh, and if Kurt Loup is following this, thanks again for inspiring me to build the Cormorant! Every day I paddle it, and I paddle it almost every day, I just loves it all the more! What a splendid boat for ME. We hit the jackpot, dude! BTW, how's baby treatin' you? Write me sometime.

Cheers! Kurt

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