Heel Padding

Posted by Mac on Jul 13, 2004

High-dee-ho friends and neighbours! I'm back for a few days from visiting Louie the Loon and his lady. We're all a little sad as they've lost their new chicks to the hawks, and their calls are even more plaintive than usual.

Did a fair bit of paddling "outside the cockpit" and am getting so comfortable with the kayak that I'm downright reckless. Wearing Mustang Suspenders by choice now.

With all the gyrations and knee hangin' and foot bracin' and such foolishness, I've managed to create two pressure point type sore spots on the outside of my heels where they contact and rub against the hull bottom. As the whole yak is becomming set up only for ME, I was thinking of adding a little thin padding to the cockpit bottom in that area. Would cut up boottee material be good? Or minicell? Contact cemented? Velcro'd? Would it have to be removed when colder weather has me wearing bootees again - ie: the two fabrics interfering with each other?

Kurt, just visited your Riggin' page, good show!

We have fresh water small mouth bass up here about the same size as your guy, and they also fight like the Devil. Being in a yak adds to the fun - you're almost in the water with them as they tow you around.

I'm thinking seriously about making your rod holder base, as I love to troll.

Have a great day all.