Re: Bending Brace?

Posted by FrankP on Jul 13, 2004

The bending brace he is talking about would be the center deck beam on other CLC boats, just in front of the cockpit coaming, generally. The AH only puts the brace in temporarily while the deck epoxy (and glass) cures, then it is removed.

At 170, the AH would actually be a pretty good fit for you. I'm 6'1 and 165 and found it to fit me pretty well, but slightly roomy. You'd probably find it a nice comfortable fit that wasn't too tight or too roomy. It's a fantastic boat that performs really well but is also quite stable. Not to mention the fact that the instruction manual is step by step, not just a quick "throw these pieces together then these", like some of the other manuals out there.

I know CLC is improving their manuals, but I think that is really their weakest point. The manuals I have are really poor, to the point where I rarely look at them because I find far more (and better) information on this board to help with the details of putting my NorthBay together.


In Response to: Bending Brace? by Greg Jones on Jul 12, 2004