Re: Varnish/Paint w/ HVLP

Posted by CDR. on Jul 12, 2004

Yes you can. With varnish you need a smaller needle like a 1.0 to 1.4. Also with HVLP guns you need to be sure that your compressor has lots of air volume. I just painted the hull of a Ches LT 16 with a HVLP gun and it turned out very nice. I used PPG Omni (MTK) paint which is the acrylic urethane line (bright red). It isn't hard to use if you follow the mixing instructions and have enough air to run the gun. These paints dry very hard and have a high gloss finish.

Good luck.

In Response to: Varnish/Paint w/ HVLP? by Joe Aubin on Jul 12, 2004