Re: Hole in bottom panel

Posted by veto on Jul 12, 2004

Lee; This question is preceeded by another in which I mentioned it briefly; cockpit coaming & rim Tues. July 6th is the start of this chain. The boat is a Chessie triple, 21' w/everything glassed and epoxied. I am just about to apply the coaming ring pieces. When I took the boat down from winter storage I had problems on where to place it to work on it. In the moving I punched a hole in the port bottom panel about 1 1/4"x 2 1/2". It is near where my left heel will rest for the rudder foot brace. The fiberglas did not rip completely through on one edge and there is now a flap which I thought would be easiest way to fill in the hole.Although it is ragged it should be the best fit. What do you think of Laszlo's idea? It will certainly work but may not be the most aesthetic(?sp). Thanks Terry.

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