Mill Creek Nose Block

Posted by Joe Lombardo on Jul 11, 2004

I'm at the coaming stage! But I have a few questions,

The plans and directions for installing the nose block are unclear. How exactly am I to clamp the nose block in place for glueing? Tape it from below?

The deck does not form a snug fit with the block. I am not just talking about the tip, but the sides of the block only touch at the bottom of the carlins. Do I try and fill this gap with goo now or later?

Also, the directions have the coaming going on in stages with 24 hours between each. Nose block first, than sides, then back. I am going to leave this Friday for vacation and want to bring the boat with me. Can they be done at the same time? If not, do I have to wait the full 24 hours between stages?

Thanks in advance, - Joe