Re: Rudder Components

Posted by Dick R on Jul 11, 2004

A kayak is a bit bigger than a bicycle, maybe ten feet from control peddle to rudder. But if the bulk price is right, go for it. Teflon coated cable guide really is not necessary, but sounds pretty elegant. Stainless steel cable and plastic cable guide is available from CLC, as is the rudder, and works just fine.

Think about where you are mounting the rudder. There should be about a half inch between the edge of the pivot hole and the edge of the deck, in a good solid end-pour. It might be over-kill, but I mounted the pivot in a stainless steel tube that went from deck to keel in a new epoxy end-pour . In order to get enough thickness, I sawed about two inches off the stern of my Ches-16. This after the rudder pivot broke through side wall in an an upside-down surf landing.

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