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Posted by NevadaTex on Jul 9, 2004

yeah....that weight thing. I figured a 5-10 lb increase in weight wasn't gonna break the back. But it IS something to consider. After all, I'm not getting any younger (or stronger).

This boat is gonna be primarily a bash around fishing boat so I was thinking that the strength due to extra thickness around the bottom might even come in handy. That doesn't mean I don't care if the boat is ugly, though. So, since style still counts for a whole lot in my book, the issue of a smooth transition between bilge and sheer panels at the ends was something I hadn't thought of as being an issue.

I guess I could pull a "Kurt-modification" and plane a flat surface at the points and laminate a contrasting bow and stern stemlike piece of wood to make a relatively smooth transition. hmmmmm ... now you have me thinking about that extra 2 mm all along the entire seam. That would be a whole pile of filleting and sanding and fairing. Either on the inside of the boat or the outside and, since I HATE sanding...a lot...I guess i'll cogitate on it over the weekend and await divine inspiration.

thanks for the input.

See ya,


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