Hole in bottom panel

Posted by veto on Jul 9, 2004

With all the expertise out there I received only one response to my question concerning the hole I punched in the bottom panel with the stand. So I'm thinking many stopped reading after the coam-ing question. Surely someone out there has punch-ed a hole in their boat somehow over the years. I've already patched together Okaume that seper-ated but that was before I was aware of this great resource, so open up, lets have it, how would you fix a hole approximately 1 1/4"W x 2 1/2"L. The flap is still attached at one end and is insde the boat. My concern is making the repair as flush as possible to eliminate sand-ing. Do you think using the flap is the best idea or should I simply remove it and start anew? My idea is to drill perhaps four thru holes to place a plate inside and out and draw them together w/ bolts and nuts forcing the flap into place. I can place waxpaper on the plates to help w/ release from the epoxy, am I missing anything? Thanks for the help, Terry.