Re: Epoxying the deck und

Posted by LeeG on Jul 9, 2004

the deck doesn't have to go on wet but just to ensure the bond is chemical it's worth putting on 'green'. I don't know why the instructions are so consitant about not putting the deck on with cured epoxy because "it'll be too stiff". Putting on a Pax18,20 coaming which is 6mm ply is much more dicey and I think the underside of the Arctic Hawk deck is pre-glassed.

The biggest problem with putting the deck on wet is some folks think that turning the kayak over to dribble in epoxy along the deck seams makes sense, it doesn't because you'll end up cutting/sanding away for the roundover,,but if you do that with wet epoxy under the deck you'll have ALL the misc. things you didn't vacuum out glued to the underside of the deck.

In Response to: Re: Epoxying the deck und by Joe Lombardo on Jul 8, 2004