Re: Sassafras 14

Posted by joe on Jul 7, 2004

Dave. i HAVE BUILT a 14 from a kit..just splashed her this spring. a VERY responsive boat!!...I have the 2 footitis ...and am thinking about a 16 !!The 14 is very kayak like and initial stability is a little quirky.. but it can spin on a dime is probably as fast as my chessie it gets weighted down it conforms more to what you think a "canoe " should be.I will build a 145 lb..your pick!! you cant go wrong with either !!Boats are like golf clubs theres one for every situation.. If i was an "expert " like too many people who respond....i would go for the 16 will provide a little initial stability..BUT if you like to have fun...and can paddle!!!!..and like to fish a river a 14 is the best.. Best o luck

In Response to: Sassafras 14 by Dave Matthews on Jul 7, 2004