Re: Deck glass

Posted by LeeG on Jul 7, 2004

I cut it/scraped it, then did the fill coats,,go ahead and put a couple extra fill coats along the round-over at the sheer and onto the deck an inch where paddle whacking is common about 1'-2' beyond the coaming at the sheer edge. It's very easy to sand into the glass on the sheer so why not give a little extra protection against overzealous sanding AND one of the primary reasons the deck is glassed. Which is protecting edge grain plywood from dings on the sheer through the seal coat which can allow waterstaining streaks to travel inches in along the center veneer. If you ever get a chance to see the original WR180 there's a waterstain that's about 8" long going straight across the aft deck starting from a little pinhole in the roundover. If there was a thicker seal coat or the sheer was glassed that waterstain wouldn't have developed to begin with.

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