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Posted by veto on Jul 7, 2004

One of the issues to look at here is what is available commercially, not to necessarily pur-chase it but to either copy it or modify it to your particular need. Most all kayak storage I've seen is horizontal, but I've not seen every-thing. I know that dealers often stand kaykas on end but most likely that is due to not having sufficient room and a relatively short time frame in that position. I doubt they would recom-mend that type of storage. Cradles are probably the best way to distribute the weight, slings w/ some width probably just as good and perhaps more versatile. I disagree on the malleability of a roto molded boat especially but any boat will deflect. Roto molded is a style and there are various materials used for a majority of whitewater boats for a particular reason which is obvious. The entire weight of the boat will be concentrated into the smallest of areas. Not a good idea. It is simply a matter of keen mea-surement. The deflection may be so small as to be undetectable by eye the first season of stor-age but accumulated years will reveal a problem. Although this is not a direct relation-ship it may reinforce my point. I was in machine tool in the past and believe this however ex-treme it sounds, a solid granite table twelve inches or thicker, 4x8' will register a deflec-tion by a man's hand weight placed on it w/ in-strumentation that is sensitive enough. Al-though I am not knowledgeable on materials used to roto mold I know it is easier to keep the pro-blem from occurring than to rectify it later!!

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