Re: Similar Question

Posted by Mark Camp on Jul 7, 2004

I don't know. I suspect you will hear from the experts because I think they have addressed similar questions here before.

But if you do go this route, I suggest you consider trying not to use any Cab-o-Sil at all for filling the gaps, and get your resin warm so it is as thin as can be. (If you need to do two sides at once, obviously you will need some Cab-o-Sil on the bottom side.)

Here is my reasoning: Cab is to keep the glue from running out. You are trying to get it to run in. so the Cab would be working against you.

Be aware that the new pour will not bond real well with the old after couple days or more, and that any hidden air pockets will remain permanent weak spots. Also, be aware that the likelihood of weak glue-starved areas is higher, because there was no reserve of liquid for the wood to draw in.

In Response to: Similar Question by Josh Golladay on Jul 7, 2004